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The Leading Provider Of  Community Living Services & Personal Care


It is the Mission of Forever Care Homes to assist individuals with mental impairments or developmental disabilities
achieve their hopes and dreams, live full and integrated lives in their community, as well as provide quality services.
Forever Care Homes also strives to provide individualized residential services that will maximize each consumer's independence, autonomy and self-determination


Forever Care Homes shall provide quality personal care, supervision and protection to mentally impaired adult males and females ages 18 and up. Services will be provided by competent and trained direct care staff clinical professionals and community resources that meet the resident's needs.

The ultimate goal of Forever Care Homes is to provide long-term care as an alternative to institutionalization as well as short-term care with the goal of independent living. We are proud of the positive results we have achieved by working everyday with mentally impaired adults.





Forever Care Homes provide a wide range of services to consumers, ranging from ages 18 and older, whether they are male or female. We service the mentally ill and disabled, and we strive to find ways to improve the day to day living of everyone in our homes.


What makes Forever Care Homes stand out from other adult foster care homes, nursing homes or other institutions is that we thrive in 1:1 care. Our consumers will develop more independence with day-to­ day living skills, as well as establish a more consistent way of life that is best fit them.

Opportunities for development and growth will be achieved through activities that foster independence and age appropriate functioning such as: 1) dressing; 2) Grooming; 3) Manners; 4) Shopping; 5) Cooking; 6) Money management; 7) use of public transportation; 8) as well as educational, employment and day program involvement.


Forever Care Homes will ensure that methods of behavior interventions are positive and relevant to the needs of the resident without the use of any physical restraints.


Supervision of a resident in the activities of daily living include:


  • Reminding a resident to maintain his/her medication schedule, as directed by the physician

  • Reminding a resident of important activities to be carried out

  • Assisting a resident in keeping appointments

  • Being aware of a resident's general whereabouts even thou the resident may travel independently about the community.


Protection is subject to 26a(2), which means the continual responsibility of the licensee to take reasonable action to ensure the health, safety and well-being of a resident to include protection from physical harm, humiliation, intimidation, and social, moral, financial and personal exploitation while on the premises; as well as, while under the supervision of the licensee, agent, employees of the licensee, or when the resident's assessment plan states that the resident requires continuous supervision.


Personal care is the personal assistance provided by a licensee, agent or employee of a licensee to a resident who requires assistance with dressing person hygiene grooming, maintenance of a medication schedule as direct and supervised by a residents physician, or the development of those personal and social skills required to live in the least restrictive environment; as well as interventions to address unacceptable behavior will be explained in the written assessment, and followed to ensure that the safety, welfare, and the rights of the residents are adequately protected. All specialized interventions shall be developed in consultation with professionals who are licensed in that area of practiced.

Resident recreation ensures a constructive use of leisure time, activities and events to develop social skills of a resident. Activities also assist residents with strengthening their otor and daily skills. All equipment used in activities or around the house will be kept clean and sterilized by staff daily.

Therapeutic and social interaction is a key part of resident's goals. Forever Care Homes will ensure daily interaction and social graces whether it' s with family members or community members will be applied to help with productive utilization of leisure time.


Forever Care Home will ensure the safety of its residents while transporting them drivers must possess a valid driver' s license, abide by all traffic laws , making sure all vehicles are insured and in good operating condition , as well as maintain a fully stocked First Aid kit and fire extinguisher.


Forever Care Homes' staff is competent in the following areas:

  • Nutrition

  • Admissions policy

  • Discharge policy

  • Reporting requirements

  • Prevention and containment of communicable disease strained in the proper handling and administrational medication.

  • Applicable behavior intervention techniques for implementing the residence written assessment plan.

  • CPR training

  • First Aid training

  • Must meet all training requirements

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